Clinical Psychologist & Criminologist
Craig M. Traub
Practice#: 086 001 0486841
Registration#: PS 0117480
BSocSc (Phil. & Psych.) UCT, BAHons (Psych.)(cum laude) SU, MPhil (Crim. Just.) UCT,
MA (Clin. Psych. & Comm. Couns.) SU, ICPT, CTSC, CPsychol


Sandton Wellness Centre
42a East Road
Morningside Manor


Mondays - Thursdays


I specialise in contemporary psychodynamic psychotherapy, which is often a long-term, indepth, intensive, talk-therapy process, though shorter-term therapy is an option. I incorporate a broad range of therapeutic approaches, from Freudian psychoanalytic theory, to Kleinian object-relations and other psychodynamic therapies, to a greater theoretical and practical influence from Kohutian self-psychology, and intersubjective and relational frameworks. Also, to some degree, I incorporate philosophical, sociological, criminological, and victimological theory and understanding.


‚ÄčAbortions / Stillbirths / Miscarriages
Adjustment / Life Transitions Difficulties
Adult Survivors of Addict/Alcoholic Parents
Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse / Recent Sexual Assault
Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma / Trauma Debriefing / PTSD
Anxiety / Panic / Phobias / OCD
Bereavement / Grief / Loss
Bipolar / Depression / Post Natal Depression
Brief Career Interest Assessments
Burnout / Stress Management / Coping Skills
Co-Dependency / Boundary Issues
Eating Issues (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge-Eating, Pica)
Gambling Issues
Infertility / Surrogacy / Adoptions
LGBT Struggles
Personal Growth / Understanding
Personality Issues
Psychology Students/Interns/Community Service
Self-Esteem / Self-Worth
Self-Harm (Cutting/Burning/Unsafe Sex)
Sex & Pornography Addiction


Individual Adults, Adolescents, & Groups


To improve psychological health, well-being, self-knowledge, and understanding of oneself and others.

Psychotherapy Legends

(Top Row:) Sigmund Freud; Carl Jung; Melanie Klein; Ronald Fairbairn; Donald Winnicott; Jean Piaget; Carl Rogers
(Second Row:) Erik Erikson; BF Skinner; John Bowlby; Abraham Maslow; Heinz Kohut; Albert Ellis; Aaron T. Beck
(Third Row:) Otto Kernberg; Alice Miller; Stephen A. Mitchell; Bernard Brandchaft; Shelley Doctors; Nancy McWilliams; Steven Pinker
(Bottom Row:) James Fosshage; Robert Stolorow; George E. Atwood; Frank M. Lachmann; Jessica Benjamin; Donna M. Orange; Beatrice Beebe